Reicha as Visionary II

ven 9 avr 2021 - sam 10 avr 2021
9h15 - 17h30

Moravian Library Brno, Czech Republic


On the occasion of Anton Reicha’s 250th birthday, scholarly, artistic and public events have been held to commemorate the composer throughout the year 2020, emphasizing the novel and visionary ideas Reicha brought about, being a music theoretician and pedagogue of international acclaim. Taking part of an annual project Reicha visionnaire 1770‒2020, first, a convention was held on 4th February in the French national library (BnF), where scholars from Germany, Great Britain, France, and the Czech Republic met to discuss the innovative character of Reicha’s music and theoretical work, as well as to present an up to date state of research on his collection in BnF. To conclude the anniversary year, the second colloquium is taking place on 9th and 10th April 2021 organised by The Moravian Library in Brno (MZK) in collaboration with Institut de Recherche en Musicologie (IReMus, Paris), Faculty of Music of Janáček’s Academy of Music and Performing Arts in Brno and Department of musicology of Faculty of Arts, Masaryk University.

Even though Anton Reicha left his hometown Prague as early as at the age of eleven and claimed to have lost the knowledge of his mother tongue, Czech musicologists have shown increasing interest in his work. After the pioneer in musicology Maurice Emanuel, it was Jiří Vysloužil and Olga Šotolová in particular whose publications on Reicha contributed to his international acclaim and allowed a deeper research of his work; ever since the 1960s, the renewed interest in the artist was manifested in a series of scholarly as well as practical editions of his music in Czechoslovakia. The past decade saw the publishing of many scholarly works which draw on the above-mentioned publications and were also inspired by the pieces recently discovered in Reicha’s collection in BnF. These are mainly critical bilingual editions of Reicha’s unpublished theoretical texts, which include his hitherto unknown compositions held in the BnF, edited by Hervé Audéon, Alban Ramaut, and Herbert Schneider and published at Olms. Other scholarly achievements worth mentioning are Louise Bernard de Raymond’s PhD dissertation on Reicha’s string quartets and two international conferences held in April 2013 in Paris and November 2017 in Lucca, whose proceedings bear testament to the large scope of research on the composer.

At the same time, Roman Dykast made available Czech annotated translations of Reicha’s four major treatises and a number of editions and re-editions of his compositions were issued. Thanks to the institutional collaboration between BnF and The Moravian Library, the new findings in Reicha’s collection in BnF, made by its curator François-Pierre Goy, gave birth to an exhibition available since 26th February 2021 online at the address in Czech and French versions. The present colloquium, which will be held 9th – 10th April, aims to bring together scholars excited about Anton Reicha and his work in order to assess the current state of research and suggest future projects.

The colloquium will be divided in two parts: one and half day of papers including a lecture recital available to the public for free; and a work meeting upon invitation with panel discussions focussed on projects to come.

The colloquium will be held in English, French, and German; interpreters will not be available.

All papers in all languages will be accompanied with presentations in English.

To assist to the colloquium, please, register until 8th April 2021 3 p.m. CET at :

If you are interested to join us at the work meeting with precise ideas regarding projects on Reicha on Saturday afternoon, please write us on

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